Meet Dr. Karen

Dr. Karen Henard Carter DC

Dr. Karen Henard Carter is a 1994 graduate of Life University in Marietta, Georgia. Originally from Church Hill, Tennessee, she is a second generation chiropractor and has been adjusted by her father, Dr. John Henard, since birth. Dr. Carter will celebrate her 30th year in practice in September of 2024, 19 of those years being in the Niceville and Bluewater Bay, FL area.  Her practice, Henard Family Chiropractic, consists of patients of all ages and conditions. Dr. Carter also has extensive experience with injuries both auto and sports and earned a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician designation in summer of 2003.

"I believe that the power that made the body heals the body and have always had faith in my body's innate ability to heal. This core belief comes not just from my faith in God but also the strong chiropractic foundation on which my parents raised me. This power, our connection to our creator, is in each and every one of us and needs no help, only no interference. In our office, we remove the interference and let God do the the rest."