Panama Mission Trip

Dr. Karen Henard Carter is a member of Chiropractic Restoring Energy Worldwide, or C.R.E.W., a group of doctors from around the world who travel at their own expense to countries in need of chiropractic care and provide chiropractic services free of charge. Dr. Henard and 25 other C.R.E.W. doctors successfully completed the chiropractic mission in February 2005 to Panama. The mission was the 10th by C.R.E.W.

During the week-long mission, chiropractors provided adjustments in areas in and around Panama City, a city of over a million people. This was Dr. Henard Carter second mission trip to Panama.


The entire CREW in Panama City on the


1st day of the mission.



This is the photo that ran with the


newspaper article. We were adjusting at a street fair in Panama City.



This is me meeting the


mayor of Panama City Juan Carlos Navarro, and his wife Cookie at the street fair in Panama City.



This is me adjusting a


baby at the malnutrition center in David, Panama.



This is a photo of the gym where we


adjusted everyday. It is about half full compared to what it was at it's busiest.